Multi-Bud Fruit Salad (Peach, Nectarine, Apricot)


the 3 in 1 Fruit salad tree has the following 3 varieties grafted onto Citation root stock. These varieties were chosen specifically for our colder Puget Sound climate.

Harken Peach- From Canada, a sibling of Canadian Harmony peach. Red-skinned medium size yellow freestone is sweet and flavorful, with non-browning flesh. One of highest rated peaches for Western Washington. Dessert/cooking/freezing. Early mid season harvest.

Harko Nectarine- One of the highest scoring nectarines in DWN fruit tastings. Cold hardy Canadian variety has showy, large, single pink blossoms. Tolerant of bacterial spot and brown rot. Early mid season harvest.

Harcot Apricot- From Canada. Frost hardy late bloom. Resists brown rot and perennial canker. Medium to large fruit with sweet, juicy, rich flavor – one of the best. Early mid season harvest.




Growing several varieties on one tree is a practical, fun way to produce more kinds of fruit in a small space as well as spread the harvest over a longer season.

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