Apricot (Harcot)


The Harcot apricot tree was developed in Canada and introduced in 1977. It is cold-hardy and requires 700 chill hours for the buds to open in spring producing an abundance of pink flowers followed by medium-sized orange, freestone fruits that are juicy with a sweet, rich flavor. The Harcot is a later bloomer than most other varieties, waiting until mid-summer. The Harcot performs best in full sun in deep, moist, fertile, well-drained soil. At maturity they can grow 15′ to 25′ tall. Plant 8′ to10′ away from patios, water pipes, and sewer pipes. They will begin fruiting in their second year and more abundantly as they mature. They are self-pollinators but will be more productive if planted near a partner pollinator. The leaves, stems, and pits are toxic to animals.

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