As a company that is based in the Puget Sound region we are always looking for unique fruit trees that can grow in our climate. After much research (of which we will not bore you with unless you ask) we have come to the conclusion that it is in fact possible to grow olives here! The question is which varieties will work best? Arbequina is the most recommended variety for our climate. But the very small fruit size when grown in climates similar to ours puts it further down in our list of olives to grow. Yes it is hardy and will grow well but if you are after nice size olives look elsewhere. We now recommend Frantoio and Leccino as our #1 olives. They should produce larger olives and are well adapted to grow here. Pollination in olive groves is also a tricky thing. Although these Italian varieties are considered self-pollinating, in practice you should always plant more than 1 variety for cross pollination. Frantoio and Leccino pollinate one another well. We also carry Pendolino olive trees, mostly for its superior pollination qualities as demonstrated in large production olive groves where it is almost always planted.

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