Olive Tree (Nocellara del Belice)


There really is no other olive like this one! This native Sicilian olive tree offers meaty fruit with a uniquely nutty and buttery flavor, making it one of the most sought after varieties in the world. Grown in Western Sicily’s Valle de Belice, the table olive is also known as Castelvetrano, named for the town in which the fruit is traditionally salt brine cured. The medium sized fruit boasts a high flesh to pit ratio (85-88%), and good weight (5-7 grams). Table fruit is harvested green for best curing. As a dual purpose olive, fruit can be harvested at the rosy blush color stage to produce olive oil well known for its special quality and dynamic flavor profile. Trees are adaptable to most soils and container growing. The tree is hardy and fully appreciates a good heat wave in summer, while sensitive to over-watering. The dense crown of this medium sized (20 feet) tree offers good productivity on lush branches with broad leaves that are darker green in color than other olive tree varieties. They will produce as a single tree, but does even better with another tree of the same or other variety present. Cold hardy to around 10 degrees F.

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