Grape Vine (Remaily White Seedless)


Customers often equate seedless grape varieties grown in the PNW as having small berries. Although a concern it often doesn’t hold true, especially with this variety! This is a productive, large clustered, large white seedless table grape. Good texture, sweet flesh with adherent skin. The vines are hardy and very vigorous bearing large crops. Cluster thinning may be necessary. Ripens from mid August to early September. Hardy to approximately 0 degrees F. Zone 6-8.

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developed by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, produces large clusters of oval seedless berries with firm texture. The flavor is neutral and mildly fruity. The clusters are very attractive in appearance but are subject to bronzing where exposed to sunlight, and the vines are only moderately hardy. This variety is recommended for backyard gardeners interested in a neutral-flavored, European-type grape that is more winter hardy than commercially grown California seedless grapes. Cluster weight = 0.68 lb. Berry weight = 2.7 g (

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