Columnar Apple Tree (White Icicle)


White Icicle™ Columnar Apple Tree is space-saving, compact and disease resistant, perfect for patio gardening. The apples are produced in clusters along the trunk on short spurs with almost no branching. They grow to a slender, column-like height of 8-10 feet tall, 2-3 feet wide, and are ready for picking in late September. The abundant crops of fruit are large, flavorful, with light-green fruit and crisp, bright-white flesh. They like half-day to full sun and well-drained, moderately fertile soil.

Latin Name: Malus domestica ‘White Icicle™’ (Columnar Apple Tree)
Site and soil: Well-drained soil, adaptable to various soil types. Suitable for container planting. Prefers full sun.
Hardiness: Survives down to -30°F.
Bearing Age: Typically starts bearing fruit in 2-3 years.
Rootstock: dwarf
Pollination: Self-pollinating; no need for a pollination partner.
Size at Maturity: 8-10 feet in height, 2-3 feet in width.
Bloom Time: Late spring to early summer.
Ripening Time: Late summer to early fall.
Yield: Moderate.
Pests and Diseases: Generally resistant, but monitor for common apple pests and diseases.
USDA Zone: Zones 4-7.

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