Pineapple Guava (Waingaro)


Introduced to New Zealand by famed pineapple guava breeder Nigel Ritson, this variety is now available here in the US! This variety- Waingaro is said to be one of his favorites, on par with Takaka. Pineapple guavas can vary significantly in their flavor profiles making them a cool plant that you will want to collect as many varieties of as you have space for! Just like figs, there is becoming something of a cult like group of enthused gardeners eager to get their hands on the latest varieties. Count us among this group! The beautiful, sweet flowers, their shiny/silvery evergreen foliage and their unique fruit make this one of the coolest plants we have come across for those in similar temperate climates. Hardy to around 10 degrees. Waingaro is self-fertile and is late-ripening, most likely best suited for warmer climates.


check out this really cool research to discover the anti-fungal, candida fighting power of the pineapple guava:

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