Elderberry (John’s)


Johns is a named cultivar known for its larger fruits with clusters; at minimum five inches in diameter. Plants are vigorous, growing ten feet tall. produces beautiful white flowers that bloom in spring becoming soft, nearly black berries in late summer. Flowers and berries are edible. Ripens in mid-August. Pollinate with any other elderberry variety. Elderberries are a multi-stemmed shrub growing to about 10 feet tall and 3 feet wide.

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American Elderberry- Sambucus canadensis

These easy to grow, small to medium-size shrubs are prized for their spectacular, large, white or pink flower heads which are followed by large quantities of blue-black, tasty and nutritious berries. Prepare delicious “Elderberry Fritters” from clusters of Elderberry flowers and make jelly, syrup or wine from the berries! Hardy to minus 30°F. and easy-to-grow, these plants make a striking addition to any garden or landscape. Plant two varieties for cross-pollination.

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