Pawpaw (KSU Benson)


This superior and very productive variety bears abundant crops of attractive, early ripening, round fruit. This unique fruit features delectable flavors of mango, pineapple and banana.

Latin Name: Asimina triloba ‘Benson’ (Pawpaw)
Site and soil: Well-drained, moist soil. Prefers slightly acidic to neutral pH. Partial shade to full sun.
Hardiness: Survives down to -20°F.
Bearing Age: Typically starts bearing fruit in 4-6 years.
Size at Maturity: 15-25 feet in height.
Bloom Time: Early spring.
Ripening Time: Late summer to early fall.
Yield: Moderate to high.
Pests and Diseases: Generally resistant, but monitor for pawpaw-specific pests. Susceptible to fungal diseases.
USDA Zone: Zones 5-9.

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