Black Goji Berry

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An amazing superfood this Himalayan native is gaining much popularity for its high antioxidant yielding berries. These plants are self-fertile and can grow from 4-6 feet tall and wide at maturity. This is a very hardy plant, handling zones 5-10. The black berries grow along branches lined with almost succulent like foliage. The fruit can be eaten raw, dried or processed into syrups and jellies.

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1 review for Black Goji Berry

  1. peter (verified owner)

    I received SUPERB plants. Perfect, healthy, awesome size, & well rooted. They immediately exploded with growth. I was so excited.
    GROUND HOG TIP: we have ground hogs. They nibble on a few things. However, they unleashed on the Black Goji unlike any other plant. I immediately lost one of two plants. So, heads up. My one remaining Black Goji is the only plant I grow with double perimeter fencing.

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