3 in 1 Combination Peach Tree


the 3 in 1 Peach fruit tree has 3 of the following 5 varieties grafted onto Citation root stock- considered to be Semi-dwarf- 12-16′, smaller with pruning. These particular peaches were chosen for their adaptability to colder climates.

Gleason Early (Lemon) Elberta Peach- Also called Improved Elberta or Lemon Elberta. Reliable, frost hardy yellow freestone for Utah and the Pacific Northwest. Juicy, rich flavor. Harvest 10 days before Elberta. Can/freeze/fresh.

Frost- resistant to peach leaf curl (10-year trials at Washington State University). Delicious yellow freestone. Slight red blush over greenish-yellow to yellow skin. Heavy bearing, excellent for canning or eating fresh. Showy pink bloom in spring.

Redhaven- Long one of the world’s most widely planted peaches. High quality yellow freestone. Frost hardy, excellent producer. Fresh/freeze.

Veteran- One of the most reliable peaches for cold climates: winter hardy and late blooming. Yellow to yellow orange skin. When fully ripe the yellow flesh is freestone and richly flavored. Harvest one week before Elberta.

Cresthaven- Golden yellow with a bright red blush. Freestone flesh is firm and juicy, bright yellow with red around the pit. Resists browning. Good for canning or freezing. Vigorous, productive tree tends to over set. Above average bud hardiness, some resistance to bacterial spot.




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