Honeyberry (Berrry Blue)


This vigorous upright growing variety grows to be the largest of the varieties we offer. Growing to 8 ft. in height, Berry Blue produces abundant, large, sweet and tasty, light blue berries. This is an early flowering variety, cross pollinate with another early flowering variety such as Blue Sky.

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A unique species of Honeysuckle, Honeyberry is a very hardy, small shrub native to eastern Siberia, the Russian Far East, and northern Japan. Very early ripening, Honeyberry is valued for its sweet and tasty Blueberry-like fruit and for its exceptional hardiness, to minus 40° F. or below. Great for fresh eating, Honeyberry also makes delicious and nutritious juice and preserves.We offer both early and late blooming varieties. The late blooming types are more productive in the maritime Northwest climate, where pollinators are often not available for the earlier blooming varieties. Both early and late blooming forms produce abundant crops in most other regions of the US.

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