Bush Cherry (Carmine Jewel)


The Carmine Jewel cherry tree is a dwarf or bush cherry with small, tart-flavored fruit. Popular among gardeners, landscapers, and cherry enthusiasts. The fruit is renowned for its dark red color. The tree gives a heavy yield and is resistant to frost. The full-grown tree may be as tall as 8 feet and about as wide. The Carmine Jewel dwarf cherry tree is a self-pollinating variety. This means you can plant just one tree and still harvest delicious cherry fruit. Planting two or more cherries is recommended if you care about harvest size. That is because cross-pollination can improve fruit size and production. The Carmine Jewel wants to have full sun. You should plant it where it gets direct sunlight for at least eight hours per day. Well-drained, sandy loam soil. Harvest late summer to fall. Zones 2-7.

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