Apple Tree (Lucy Rose)


The Lucy™ Rose apples were developed by Bill Howell in Prosser, Washington, a town approximately two hours south of Wenatchee, Washington’s famous apple-growing region. Lucy Rose boasts a sweet flavor with a hint of berry, beautiful red skin on the outside and naturally red inside. It is a cross between the Honeycrisp apple and the Airlie Red Flesh apple. At maturity they can be 8-12 feet. They need full sun and a variety of soils; clay soil, loamy soil, and sandy soil. Zone 4-7.

Latin Name: Malus domestica ‘Urban Lucy Rose’
Site and soil: Well-drained soil, adaptable to various soil types. Prefers full sun.
Hardiness: Survives down to -20°F.
Bearing Age: Typically starts bearing fruit in 2-4 years.
Rootstock: semi-dwarf
Pollination: Requires cross-pollination; plant with a compatible apple variety for optimal fruit set.
Size at Maturity: 8-12 feet in height.
Bloom Time: Late spring.
Ripening Time: Late summer to early fall.
Yield: Moderate.
Pests and Diseases: Generally resistant, but monitor for common apple pests. May be susceptible to apple scab.
USDA Zone: Zones 4-8.

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