3 in 1 Pluot Fruit Tree

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the 3 in 1 Pluot fruit tree has the following 3 varieties grafted onto Citation root stock- considered to be Semi-dwarf- 12-16′, smaller with pruning.

Flavor Queen Pluot- Exquisite plum/apricot hybrid with candy-like sweet, wonderfully pleasing flavor. Greenish-yellow skin, amber-orange flesh. Prolonged harvest: mid-July thru August.

Flavor Supreme Pluot- Taste test winner. Plum/apricot hybrid with sweet, richly flavored, firm red flesh. Greenish-maroon mottled skin. June harvest in Central California, about two weeks before Santa Rosa.

Dapple Dandy- Taste test winner. Ranks with Flavor King Pluot® among the all-time top five best flavored fruits at Dave Wilson Nursery tastings. Creamy white and red fleshed freestone with wonderful plum-apricot flavor. Skin greenish-yellow with red spots, turning to a maroon and yellow dapple.

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Bare-root, Potted

1 review for 3 in 1 Pluot Fruit Tree

  1. Dave Bingham

    Been waiting patiently for this year’s bare root trees to arrive – just planted a 3×1 Pluot today – can’t wait to eat the fruit!!!

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