About Our Shipping

What started as simply selling a few blueberry plants to close friends has now burgeoned into a thriving retail plant nursery. We set up a website in 2017 just for the purpose of letting local Seattleites see what we had available at our store. When we began receiving calls from as far away as New York asking us if we could ship to them we were reluctant. We actually had someone fly from New York to Seattle to pickup plants once! haha #plantpeople # funnybunch. Fast forward to 2020 and we are now confident and excited to be offering our products to clients all over the US! We offer shipping for the following sizes of plants- 1 Gallon, Tree Pot, 2 Gallon, 3 Gallon and Bare-root.

Shipping Schedule

We do our best to ship out all plant orders within 1 week of receiving the order. We try to ship out plants the beginning of the week so they spend the least amount of time in transit as possible. Currently we use Fedex Ground for all our shipping. Most shipments will spend 1-5 days in transit. It is only when shipping across the country to the Southeast and Northeast do plants take longer. Your plants are tucked away in their boxes with care, we have had very little issue shipping most all our plants out. However, if we find that the weather is too hot or too cold for the plants you have ordered we will delay shipments to ensure that they arrive to you healthy.

Shipping Rates

Shipping rates are based upon the state and region in which we are shipping to and the size of plants you are ordering. We are located in Seattle, WA so naturally plants shipped across the country will have high shipping costs. Shipping costs are calculated first by applying a fixed rate for the size of plant and then adding a quantity cost. A simple example is as follows- you live in california and ordered 2 – 1 gallon plants. The fixed cost for 1 gallon plants would be $12, every 1 gallon plant ordered is charged a $4 shipping cost. Thus you have: $12+($4*2)= $21 in shipping. As you can see shipping goes up only incrementally by $4 for each additional plant. This makes purchasing in bulk the most cost effective way for us to get plants to you!

Packaging and Pruning

1 gallon and tree potted plants are almost always shipped in 36″ tall boxes. plants will be pruned to accommodate this sized box. 3 gallon citrus are often shipped in 36″ tall boxes as well. Most all our bare-root fruit trees are 7/8 to 1″ caliper trees, many are 7-9′ tall. All plants will be pruned to fit in a 6′ tall box. Our trees are definitely on the larger size compared to what other online nurseries are shipping out. When people are tired of receiving little 1 year old trees they turn to us! We are constantly getting reports of our trees producing the same year or next year after planting. These are well branched trees with good root systems-exactly what you want when buying fruit trees online!

Any item on our website that has a ‘potted’ variation is a fruit tree that is too large to be shipped. When you grow thru the checkout process it will not let you place your order to be shipped if you have these items in your cart. An example would be the popular Stark Saturn Donut Peach- if you choose the potted variation of this plant and choose shipping at checkout it will not let you place the order. We can however ship out the bare-root variation of this plant and do so often!

How to Order from our Website

If you are having issues navigating the different shipping options available to you or you are used to ordering plants from catalogs or via the phone this simple video will help you learn the easy steps it takes to buy plants from us. We want to make the buying process easy and stress free- we hope this video helps! Thanks.


Warranty and Return Policy

We guarantee our plants to be alive when they arrive to you and true to type. If there are any issues with the plants you receive from us please don’t hesitate to contact us. We do our best to get to our emails quickly but giving us a call is the quickest way to get a question answered. Sometimes plants get bruised during shipping, we do our best to package plants in a way that they do not get damaged from shipping- however hiccups with shipping live plants do happen on occasion. If your package comes to you damaged please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will do our best to make things right. Orders can be returned within 7 days of recieving at clients expense. Returned orders with incur a 20% restocking fee. 

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