It seems everyone has an opinion when it comes to Cedar Grove Compost. Some love it and some could live without it. Part of the reason this is, is because in the past many people have received a truck load of compost or soil from Cedar Grove only to be dismayed when they have found more than a few pieces of plastic and inorganic material- glass, styrofoam ect. It turns out the issue was really you and me! The ‘Organics’ garbage bins that are now common place throughout cities and cul-de-sacs were often filled with items that were far from organic. This alien material made its way to Cedar Grove composting facilities which in turn made its way into their finished compost products. I have heard my fair share of Seattleites complain of this problem. And one can understand where they are coming from! No one wants to see plastic blowing in the wind as it surfaces in what was once a pristine garden bed! But that was then, CG has admitted to the problem and has taken steps to fix it. New, better processing equipment and technologies are in place and whats more is they no longer take ‘organics’ from the city of Seattle- where the worst offenders resided.

We got the chance to talk with Joseph Anderson- a Cedar Grove representative and hear more about CG and the many benefits and advantages of their compost.

We are constantly being asked as to what we recommend as a compost for gardens, and we have been hesitant to recommend any particular compost provider. Though the verdict is still out for us and CG we have pleased with the couple cubic yards that we have picked up from them. We will continue to trial it along with other composts and let you know our thoughts!

On another note, one interesting thing about CG compost is that they use zero biosolids or animal manures making them the go to option for those who are vegans and wish their garden inputs to be vegan as well. Happy gardening! 🙂

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