Ever since we started using raised garden beds it has been hard to want to use anything else! Oftentimes our clients ground is so rocky and infertile that the effort to remove the grass, till the soil, then take soil samples, come back with the correct amendments and till those back in is just not worth the work. Not to mention you will be fighting weeds from here to eternity. Although we still have a garden plot at Restoring Eden that is simply hilled dirt we are considering converting the 1200 sq. ft. plot to only raised beds! Some of the keep benefits of raised beds are the following:

  • Very little, if any weed pressure
  • You can import your soil which means higher fertility and nutrient uptake vs. native soil (Try “lasagna gardening” in raised beds!)
  • No soil compaction means roots easily establish themselves leading to healthier more robust plants
  • Easy installation and maintenance of drip irrigation
  • Less bending over to tend to plants, easier harvest!
  • Less pest pressure


Although there is an upfront costs to raised beds, they are a more productive and effective means to garden for the home and hobby gardener. They promise you years and years of some of the easiest gardening you will ever do! We enjoy time in the garden as much as anyone but why do more work than you have to? Its better to spend that extra time enjoying the fruits of your labor with friends and family.

If your interested in raised garden beds please dont hesitate to call us! We would be glad to answer any questions you have. And if you would like us to do the work for you then we would love too! We offer design, delivery and installation of garden beds in the Puget Sound area. Thanks! -Troy 2532025587

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