Compost- it’s a love-hate relationship. I remember the first year we started a garden we thought that, “Hey if compost is good, then a lot is better!” We planted our first raised garden beds in completely compost. It was a disaster, nothing grew! Over the years we have learned through first hand experience that not all compost is created equal. We once visited a compost center that produces a product sold at local stores and many garden centers, we were shocked to see they were composting- grinding up chairs and other furniture that was painted! Probably not the end of the world, but not the best either. You may be one of the lucky ones that have farm animals and you produce your own manure and compost…the rest of us are jealous! Most however, will have to rely on what’s available in the market place. We have been testing composts in gardens, as well as asking companies for their soil analysis’ all in the hopes of being able to recommend a product that we can stand behind. The product we are using in the video below comes from Baxter Barn, Maybe a little ways out of the way for most people (Located in Fall City) but we have high hopes that this is the product we will be using in the future. The other product we recommend is called LOOP, don’t be turned off by what’s in it (human waste), it does seem to be the most well rounded and sound product that we have come across.

Let us know what compost you use and the results you have seen!

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